Susan and Philip

Molly, Susan, Philip, Shiva at Chocolatree, Sedona

We Love You

Philip Charles Madeley

MA Vegan Live Food Nutrition, David Wolfe Nutrition Certification, Contributing author Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

LIving exclusively on organic plant food since 1996, Philip believes in the power of reading and continuous self-study. He led Tree of Life Conscious Eating and Live Food Apprenticeship programs for 7 years; also teaching health education, business and raw food prep. Philip is a leader at Excelsior Alchemy, manufacturer for HealthForce SuperFoods; from 2010 he has promoted quality standards, implementing and maintaining Quality Systems including cGMP, NSF, Organic, Vegan, Kosher and Gluten Free Certifications.

With 15 years of experience with all raw food living, Philip’s passions are understanding excellent health, fitness, fasting, motivation, meditation and spirituality. He loves earthing, ice cold therapy, yoga, breathing, biohacking, mountain biking and all things healthful. Philip is a member of the David Wolfe Inner Circle. His mentors include Gabriel Cousens, Joe Dispenza, Wayne Dyer, Anthony Robbins, Medical Medium; and the greats of the past, R. Steiner and V. Schauberger.

Susan Marie Miller Madeley

  • MA Vegan and Live Food Nutrition, Tree of Life Foundation;
  • Ordained Priest with the Modern Essenes;
  • Michigan School of Professional Psychology, Master of Arts, Clinical and Humanistic Psychology;
  • David Wolfe Raw Nutrition Certification;
  • Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), Chicago, IL, Certified Life Coach;

Susan’s intimate knowledge and lifelong interest in healthy food and positive psychology merge with her passions for a live-food lifestyle and for empowering others to enjoy life. As a modern Essene, she follows a compassionate lifestyle as seen in Spiritual Nutrition: Six Foundations for Spiritual LIfe and the Awakening of Kundalini, Gabriel Cousens, M.D.

“My husband and I are avid explorers of vegan live food health. It is what we do together for fun. We love sharing and helping others find inspiration in this marvelous way of life. My latest creation is an easy wonderful coconut yogurt and cottage cheese.”

Eating well, thinking well, and loving well can:

  • Strengthen All Relationships
  • Power-Up the Brain
  • Heal and Rejuvenate the Body
  • Connect and Empower the Spirit
  • Bring Compassion to the Planet

Susan created a safe, nourishing recipe to support mother’s breast milk and, along with husband Philip Madeley, conducted a study to verify the health of babies born to vegan mothers.

An avid explorer of ideas and continuous self-education, Susan continues to read, attend lectures, and take courses in health and psychology. as M. Seligman, A. Duckworth, B. Fredrickson, and B. Oakley; Brian Clement; Bob Marshall; Joel Fuhrman; Jameth Sheridan; Joseph Mercola; John Robbins; David Wolfe and Viktoras Kulvinskas.