PS I Love You/ PS We Love You

Artisan Plant Powered Cuisine
by Philip and Susan Madeley

Launched April 2022

With a focus on health Susan and Philip lovingly create healthy whole food organic plant powered (no animal products) cuisine.

  • Chocolates and Treats
  • Baked Goods: Biscuits, Crackers, Ancient Grain Breads
  • Cashew and Almond Cheeses
  • Fermented Foods: Krauts, Kombucha, Kefir

We also teach private, group, and public classes in healthy food creation and living a healthy holistic empowered lifestyle.

Created in the Eden Valley in Renwick/ Kirkoswald, Cumbria, UK

07360 592596

With Love and Excellent Health

Philip and Susan Madeley
P.S. We Love You